Sustainability & Buying Policy – Raise Bakery Shop

Sustainability & Buying Policy

Our mission is be the planet's best loved bakery, one that gives back more than it takes from its people, community and environment.

As such we are very conscious about the impact our operations have on our environment. We continue to work to continually to improve our sustainability credentials. 

Ingredient and Product Sourcing

We are focussed on managing a sustainable supply chain. We source our products from producers and suppliers that are as close to us as possible. Some of our products cannot be produced in the UK, where this is the case we work with UK suppliers.

All our flour and sugar is grown and manufactured in the UK.

Our butter is sourced from a single farm in Somerset.

If we have to use palm oil we ensure it is RSPO certified. We have done a lot of research around the use of palm oil and the vast majority of environmental charities agree that the use of sustainable palm oil is better than other vegetable oils due to their high yield per crop. RSPO ensures there is no deforestation as a result of its production.

We only work with suppliers that can provide a robust food safety management system such as BRC or SALSA.

100% Renewable Energy

As of October 2020 we have been purchasing 100% of our energy from renewable sources. Keeping it clean and for the planet. 

Waste Management

We operate a "zero waste to landfill" policy and work with Paper Round to ensure 0% of our waste ends up in landfill. We recycle all waste material where possible. Any non-recyclable waste is converted to bio mass and used to generate energy.


The majority of the cardboard we use is made from 100% recycled sources. All cardboard is fully recyclable.

We know that plastic is a big issue. All our blue bags we use to pack our products is made from a biodegradable material and produced in the UK.

Our plastic clam shell packaging is made from post-consumer recycled waste rPet which contains a minimum of 70% recycled waste and is produced in the UK.

We are working to look at the sustainability of all our packaging as we know it is important to you and it is to us!


All our printer paper we use is 100% recycled and actually comes from our own paper waste we recycle with Paper Round. This product is manufactured in the UK. 

Our toilet rolls are made from 100% recycled sources.

We are always looking to reduce the use of paper and are looking to source materials we use that are from recycled sources and use non-toxic glues and adhesives.

We welcome your feedback and new ways of doing things, it's when we come together that great things happen. If you want to discuss any of this with us please drop us an email